Karate Services

Family Classes

Our regular martial arts classes are separated by rank to allow students to train with other students of similar rank and skill. These classes are open to both children and adults, making them a convenient option for parents who want to train with their children.


Adult Classes
This is a mixed-rank class open to students age 13 and up. They are a good option for teens and adults who want to train in a small class setting.


Little Ninjas
Our Little Ninjas program is designed especially for children age 3-6. These classes introduce children to martial arts concepts such as focus, discipline, listening skills, coordination and cooperation, all while they have a great time playing games and socializing with children their own age.

Specialty Training

Weapons Seminars

Students can round out their martial arts training, learning to use a variety of traditional Eastern martial arts weapons such as bong (or bo staff), sword, nunchuks and more.


Sparring Class
Sparring is part of our regular curriculum but during the winter months students may attend a weekly class completely focused on competition sparring. Sparring class provides a safe and controlled environment in which students build confidence and learn to apply their techniques in ‘real-time’ situations.


PKSA Karate sponsors two national tournaments each year. Students have the opportunity to compete for awards in events including forms, sparring, weapons and board breaking. This is a lot of fun for the entire family!


Self-Defense Workshops
These workshops teach practical self-defense techniques for prevention and defending oneself and one’s family in threatening situations. Workshops are open to martial arts students and non-martial artists alike, with no experience needed.

Events and Seminars

Power Kick

Get in shape, lose fat and gain muscle while you learn self-defense techniques in this fast-paced and exciting class. Beginners are welcome!


Summer Camp
Our summer camp offers a fun, dynamic program centered around martial arts training and fitness. Weekly themes incorporate games, arts & crafts, field trips and indoor and outdoor fun!


Fitness Classes and Personal Training
Check out our boot camp fitness class, group personal training and one-on-one personal training with a certified fitness trainer.

Martial Arts Birthday Parties!

Interested in your or your child having a martial arts birthday party? We play games, provide pizza, piñata, candy, and a karate lesson. Also may include cake cutting with samurai sword or board breaking. Contact us with any questions or to reserve a day for your/your child's upcoming birthday!

Getting Started

Sometimes the hardest part of a new adventure is the first step.  Let us help you out.  If you are interested in joining, just drop us a line or give us a call.  One of our friendly staff is eager to tell you about all we have to offer. Our classes are open enrollement and continuous, so you can start right away!

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