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Black Belt Standard

At PKSA Karate we pride ourselves on the highest levels of quality for our instructors.  All of our classes are mentored by our Black Belts.  We also think that learning is best done through teaching so we provide many opportunities for our lower belt levels to coach and mentor students as well.


Our Sabomnims

Grandmaster Collins Jr

Grandmaster Richard Collins Jr. is the President and Founder of PKSA Karate. He began training in the art of Tang Soo Do with his father, Master Richard Collins Sr., at the age of 4 and holds the rank of 8th degree black belt. Grandmaster Collins Jr. oversees the operation of PKSA Karate schools across the country.

Our Team

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[Sa·Bom·Nim] is the Korean term for "master". A Sabomnim is a guide and instructor, through whom your knowledge of martial arts will come. To be a Sabomnim means one has earned the honor to pass on the invaluable lessons and experiences of numerous masters and sages.To be a Sabomnim means always being there for his/her students and striving to help them achieve their absolute best. To be a Sabomnim means not only having years of martial arts training, but also years of martial arts experience.


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